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June 19, 2018
by pascalecolonna

Tow the Line

We come to what is believed to be the last recorded song – and therefore the last of this thread.
This is a very good song, a kernel of a song which again sounds like a million years from his first album.
The lyrics are hopeful and forward-looking. I believe the expression is actually to ‘toe’ the line. And so, I imagine that Nick Drake is referring to its rule-abiding meaning, but also pleading to be led, to be carried along. As if implying the need for someone to pull him along.


There can be problems with reading things that were not intended by an author. I only wrote of impressions in these posts. Words, like music, evoke thoughts, memories, and a wide spectrum of emotions. And sometimes those thoughts persist but it does not make them true.

I sometimes think that artists who manage to capture your imagination throw you up in the air, the way parents do with young children before catching them in their arms.

You're up there and don't want to come down.

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