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Turbo kissing


This is the fifth post on Sasha and Nina, our new cats who have been living with us for almost seven weeks now.

Turbo kissing can best be described as head butting, which I am sure a lot of cat owners are familiar with, but with the added weight of one’s whole body. And this is Nina’s greeting, the best moment of the day, usually some time in the afternoon and now a favourite of us both. This was started when Nina finally said ok to us touching her gently on the side of her face first then the top of her head and only while she was on the bed and me on the floor – the idea being I should respect her space.

Then I gave her a little kiss on the head on Sunday and she looked at me a little surprised as if saying: ‘you like this too?’ And I kissed her a few more times and said ‘Welcome, girl. Tell your brother it’s his turn now.’ And I left the room, waving good bye at her. And we went on as usual but, from that moment on, a wall came down: she greeted me with her special brand of kissing the following day, with all her might and few extra pounds ‘bang hello bang Pascale bang’.

The following day she allowed me to lie down on the bed, at a distance, and I lay there watching her as she relaxed into a comical sleeping posture. Later on, after dinner, I went to join her on the bed again. 8pm has recently become their ‘crazy fight’ time, when they play on the bed while waiting for us to go to bed. From downstairs it sounds like they are tearing the bedroom apart and slashing at each other. But that night at 8pm she called him from the bed (as I was lying down on it as quiely as possible) and he came forward, put his head up, saw me (his expression said: ‘really, you’re allowed to lie on the bed with my sister now?’) and then got a good lick on his face by a motherly Nina, which was immediately followed by a mad-cat look from both of them.  A little later on Sasha jumped on the bed too, still scared of me but well, if she can do it so can I. To reward them I took some nibbly treats out for them and deposited these in front of my two lovely gods on the bed. But that was a bit too much for Sasha boy who jumped off so Nina girl said ‘thank you very much, I’ll have them’.

And then a breakthrough: last night we went to bed early for them, as usual (9pm) and Sasha came out of the cupboard to take his night shift. But he slowed down by Gareth’s bedside. The last few nights, Gareth had been putting his hand out and every night Sasha would get a little closer to snif it on his way out. A couple of nights ago, Sasha meowed at Gareth. It sounded like he wanted to relate to him, but couldn’t bring himself round to it. But last night, he did: he came close and let Gareth stroke him four times on his back. And that was it, there was no stopping our brave cat after that. He looked like he wanted to jump on the bed so Gareth moved in the centre a little and tapped to tell him to come join us and he jumped for more cuddles from him. And these were much needed. Just like Nina had shown that these were much needed comfort cuddles, Sasha was showing how good these were to him. He was finally through and we both welcomed him heartily.

Something about him tells me he is into turbo kissing too (perhaps it runs in the family). We can’t wait to see more, and to finally take them all the way to a happy life.



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